Pentax Q – tiny camera boast an interchangeable lens

Pentax Q 800x600px
Pentax Q Digital Camera | US$800.00 |

the world is not lacking of tiny form factor digital camera but one that boast interchangeable lenses are far and few between, until now. meet the Pentax Q, a tiny digital camera that sports a interchangeable lens. so how tiny is it? well, i shall say it is small enough to be used as a keychain and despite its diminutive size, it managed to packed a 12.4-megapixels Sony sensor and a 3-inch LCD, 460,000 pixels LCD display that boast a wide 170-degree viewing angle. the 3-inch display also compensate for the lack of an external viewfinder.
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naturally, with its petite size and large 3-inch LCD, means user might have to struggle with small hard buttons located on its back. another interesting features is its pop-up flash which really pops out and away from the camera body. though the distance of the ‘pop’ may not seem like much but it should be suffice to avoid shadows for larger lens hood and reduce red-eye. the camera is set for release this Fall in US with the basic kit costing around $800. though no word on its availability for the global market, though.

Imaging Resource via Oh Gizmo!

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