AKG K 912 Wireless Headphones

AKG K 912 Wireless Headphones
(photos: AKG) AKG K 912 Wireless Headphones | £75.85 | www.akg.com

we can live with wired headphones when we are on the move but back in our humble abode, we wanted something that free us from those cables. to be honest, sound quality is not the only thing we are concern about. looks also play an important role when making our choice for wireless headphones. the AKG K 912 Wireless Headphones happen to be one of those that’s endowed with good look and an equally beautiful charging cradle cum UHF transmitter. of course, we can’t comment on its sound reproduction for now but as far as the integration between the cans and its dock goes, this wins hands down. it’s like a match made in heaven, multimedia heaven, that is. then again, with more than 60 years of audio making under its belt, what could go wrong? since it uses UHF technology, walls and ceilings will never a hindrance – it will simply blast through those obstacles for up to 100-feet (or 50m). the K 912 boost a PLL-synthesized tuner and automatic frequency control that promised to deliver optimal reception in any operating conditions. other highlights include around-ear cups with semi-open design, self-adjusting headband for improved conformation to user’s head, breathable cloth ear pads, user adjustable frequencies, and built-in NiMH rechargeable batteries that’s good for up to 15-hours on a single full charge. the best part is, the AKG K 912 Wireless Headphones cost just £75.85 a pop, or about US$119 based on the current going rate.
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