Metal is a symbol of toughness. Surprisingly though, Casio tough watch line, G-Shock, did not employ metal in its classic square face G-Shock wrist watches until of late. The Casio GMWB5000-1 All-Metal G-Shock is the latest addition Metal G-Shock to be included in the watchmaker’s catalog and it is the first in the collection to combine a metal bezel and resin band. The result is, as you can see, looking very promising. G-Shock is no stranger to colorful watches. Gold accents aren’t new either, but metal in silver or gold is fairly new to the Japanese watchmaker.

Casio GMWB5000-1 Metal G-Shock

Sporting a square case design from 1983, the Casio GMWB5000-1 All-Metal G-Shock boasts Casio’s Tough Solar technology, Multi-Bank 6 technology, Bluetooth connectivity for 2-way time sync functionality, a super illuminator LED light, updated negative STN LCD display, along with G-Shock requisite features, including water resistance up to 200 meters (656 feet), shock resistance, world time display, stopwatch and countdown timer, and day of the work in 6 languages.

The Casio GMWB5000-1 All-Metal G-Shock will be available starting this month (December 2018) at G-Shock retailers, including Macy’s, G-Shock Soho Store, as well as If you desire to own one, be prepared to splurge because it will run you back at a rather hefty $400. If you prefer all out metal rather than metal/resin combo, you can look to the Full Metal 5000 series which is available in three color options: black, silver and a somewhat opulent gold.

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Images: G-Shock.

Source: TechCrunch.

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