this one goes to all alcohol-adoring ladies. the Flask Bracelet By Cynthia Rowley makes no attempt in hiding your undying affair with the spirit drinks and as the product name implies, it is a flask that’s designed to ornament your wrist while stashing 3 ounces (around 89 ml) of your favorite poison. 3 ounces is not a lot; it is equivalent to two shots, or just about a little over a quarter of a regular can, which is probably not enough to quench your thirst for alcoholic beverages (unless we are talking about 151-proof drink like the throat-scorching Bacardi 151), but it is better than none when the craving hits.

well, if the $225 a piece price tag won’t hurt you financially a bit, you are welcome to score a few and slip them all over your limbs. the circumference of flask-bracelet hybrid measures 7.5 inches, which unfortunately, appears to be the only size available. it has drink-friendly stainless steel construction with a nice mirror-finish and a nifty (and much needed) chainlink to keep the cap from getting lost. hit the jump for a few more look.

p.s. we have no idea how are you going to reach to the bottom to clean the flask.

AHALife via Geekologie

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