South Korean LEGO Certified Professional Wani Kim, who has a special passion for diorama, has recreated the iconic Death Star Trench Run scene from Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope (1977, 20th Century Fox) with his (or was it her? Not sure) team, Olive Seon. And let me tell you this: I can’t stop myself from ogling at it. Man, this is perhaps one of the most impressive Star Wars-related MOC we have seen thus far. The diorama is an enormous creation that stretches 2,680 mm (8.79 feet) long, 1,370 mm (4.49 feet) deep and stands 1,100 mm (3.60 feet) tall.

Custom LEGO Death Star Trench Run

It features an incredible amount of details right down to explosions and sparks inflicted on Luke’s X-Wing and the accompanying Y-Wing by the pursuing Lord Vader in his TIE Advanced and a pair of TIE Fighters. This particular version is dubbed 3.0 as it is in fact the third and biggest iteration. The previous two versions were built for store installation and hence, the size constraints. Even though the second iteration was larger and features UCS size TIEs and X-Wings, team still felt that they have not shown enough of what they wanted to show and therefore, Wani and the team embarked on creating an even more detailed version that you see here.

Custom LEGO Death Star Trench Run

In all, around 80,000 LEGO elements and 100 minifigures were used to created this stunning LEGO MOC. Yes, it has LEGO minifigures too, hidden away around the back where you can find part of the interior of the infamous space station. Needless to say, the interior is equally detailed, if not more detailed, boasting tractor beam controls, Lord Vader’s chamber, jail cells, and even a locker room. Even more impressively is, the entire setup is lit.

Custom LEGO Death Star Trench Run

It has a 220V power supply that supplies the electricity to power the countless LEDs and an Arduino board to coordinate the various flashing effects to recreate the cinematic scenes. Man, the details that have gone into it are absolutely insane! This LEGO MOC almost took my breath away when I first lay my eyes on it. Seriously, this is truly a spectacular work of art.

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You can find a few more looks of it on this post, but I highly suggest you hit up Wani Kim’s Instagram page and Olive Seon’s Flickr page for see more. Just try to keep your jaw up when you at it.

Custom LEGO Death Star Trench Run

Images: Wani Kim/Hobby Inside/Flickr (Olive Seon).

Source: YouTube.

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