If Hot Toys Marvel Future Fight The Punisher (War Machine Armor) 1/6th scale collectible figure tickles your fancy, I am very sure you will go ga-ga over the Marvel Legends Series Gamerverse The Punisher Electronic Helmet from Hasbro. Like the 1/6th scale collectible, this premium role play helmet is inspired by the Marvel Future Fight mobile game which is in turn inspired by Marvel Legacy storyline for The Punisher issue #218, The Punisher: War Machine.

Hasbro Punisher Iron Man Helmet

Marvel Legends Series Gamerverse The Punisher Electronic Helmet boasts light-up eyes and sound effect, adjustable straps for best fit, accurate weathered exterior, detailed interior sculpting, and a detachable magnetized face plate that triggers the aforementioned light and sound FX when attaching or detaching. Perfect for display, as well as for cosplayers who want to save sometime in putting together their Punisher War Machine get up.

Yes, it is a 1:1 scale premium role play helmet and it is totally wearable. For ages 18 and above. Requires 3x 1.5V AA batteries which are not included. Marvel Legends Series Gamerverse The Punisher Electronic Helmet will be released on October 01, 2019, priced at $99.99. But if you really have to have one, we would suggest that you pre-order it now because, we have a feeling that this item is going to be hot. Though probably it won’t be as hot as the Marvel Legends Series Power Gauntlet. But hey, it is better to be safe than sorry, right?

Hasbro Punisher Iron Man Helmet

Images: Hasbro.

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