We don’t need medical experts to tell us why we need to wear a face mask. Centuries of human civilization already told us why we should and it is called ‘responsibility’. Wearing a mask minimizes the chances of you from spreading the dreadful virus to others and vice versa.

Not getting the coronavirus is a social responsibility because, if a person gets it, he/she could spread to his friends and families, and among them, some could be too weak to fight the virus or could have unknown underlying medical conditions that could result in deadly consequences. It is that simple.

If you need even simpler reasons on why you should wear a mask, well then, perhaps, Mark Hamill, star of the original Star Wars trilogy, may be of an assistance. Using his voice acting skills, Mark perform lines of characters in the illustrated book Will You Wear a Mask by Tom Ruegger, discussing the need to wear a mask.

The lines were performed in a la Dr. Seuss style rhyme which is pretty captivating. Though I doubt it will convince grown ass person (who should know better in the first place) to wear a mask. However, it will serve as an educational video for kids. Hopefully, they will grow up to be wiser and be more responsible than their parents who aren’t. Here’s to a better future.

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Image credit: YouTube (Cartoonatics).

Source: Laughing Squid.

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