Universal Studios Japan Final Fantasy XR Ride

Fans of Final Fantasy franchise will have their fantasy come true starting January 19 when Universal Studios Japan’s new ride called Final Fantasy XR Ride opens for business. It won’t be in business for long, however. It will be a limited time ride introduced as part of Universal Studios Japan’s annual Cool Japan event. Now, you may be wondering: how the hell USJ built a ride and only to end it six months later on June 24? Well, the answer is simple (and a hint of the future of theme parks): it is not quite a physical ride design from the ground up; it is essentially the Space Fantasy – The Ride introduced in 2010, but given a theme change by the power of VR headsets.

In other words, it is a VR-enabled roller coaster which kind of make it a 4D ride, but on an actual roller coast setup. Clever. Very Clever. So brace yourself, fellow thrill ride lovers, the future of roller coasters would be one of virtual reality. And we don’t see why not? It could save theme park operators tons of money since they can now pack more rides within the same amount of area. Make sense doesn’t it? Anyways, keep going for a trailer of the Final Fantasy XR Ride.

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Image: Universal Studios Japan.

via Kotaku.