have you ever wondered why LEGO bricks are in plastic and not any other materials such as wood? well, we don’t have an answer for you but you could actually find out in person how wooden ‘LEGO’ bricks work out for your creations (or your kids’) by purchasing the Mokurokku Wooden LEGO Bricks. it comes in a set of 50 bricks, bagged in a cloth bag and it looks like this Mokurokku set only offers one type of brick: the 2 x 4s. the wooden ‘LEGO’ bricks are crafted from real woods such as maple and birch, and are sized precisely to fit the real LEGO bricks or so we read. but just exactly how well wood fits with plastic physically is yours to find out. right now, we can’t think of any creations that might be needing real wooden bricks (a log cabin perhaps? or a wooden boat?) but at 2,835 Japanese money (or about US$32) a sack of 50, we guess there’s no harm (or financial damage) in giving it them a go. who knows? you might be turning out some masterpieces?

PS: we are not sure how well wood would work when it comes to repeat click and un-clicking of the bricks but they certainly looks kind of cool.

via Nerd Approved

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