When we did the last Sideserf Cakes feature, we tell ourselves, perhaps we should stop featuring it because, at the rate Natalie is putting out incredible creations, this blog will become a bonafide Sideserf Cakes Blog. But then, we saw this: Hyperrealistic T-Rex Cake.

Hyperrealistic T-Rex Cake by Sideserf Cakes

My soft spot for hyperrealistic creations AND dinosaur has betrayed me and so here I am, writing about another amazing cake from the Austin, Texas master cake decorator.

That’s right, folks, the thing you see here is a cake. It shouldn’t be all that unbelievable since after the realistic mutant toad cake (until now, that still blows my mind!). Like I have said, every creation this cake-making extraordinaire dished out is always mind-blowing.

Hyperrealistic T-Rex Cake by Sideserf Cakes

Hyperrealistic is one thing. The fact that this cake can actually stand on its own two feet is another. Anyhoo, as always, Natalie has a posted a video in which she walks viewers through the process of decorating the Hyperrealistic T-Rex Cake. The cake was created to promote Season 2 of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous now streaming on Netflix.

Have a look at the T-rex cake taking shape in the said video below.

Images: YouTube (Sideserf Cake Studio).

Source: Technabob.

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