One-of-a-kind electric guitars are not new. We have seen some pretty impressive custom guitar bodies thus far. No. Flying V isn’t one-of-a-kind guitar, but cardboard, “molten lava,” and skateboard guitar bodies are, and so is this: 1200 colored pencils guitar body. Redditor (Rockmann1), Imgur user (flyjumper) and YouTuber Burls Art has built himself a Fender Stratocaster-style electric guitar that has a body crafted out of 1,200 Crayola Colored Pencils.

1200 Colored Pencil Electric Guitar

It was an ambitious project. Even more so because, Rockmann1 AKA flyjumper AKA Burls Art has no experience building a guitar. Anyways, the project turns out to be really, really awesome. We love how the multi-colored offered by the 24-color colored pencils look. However, the result does not come easy. It started fairly easy. Gluing the pencils into a block, but after that, it was all about routing, sanding, shaping and more sanding to arrive a smooth-flowing Stratocaster-shape guitar body.

Next, Burls Art gave the guitar body several coat of 2-part clear enamel spray to give the guitar body the shine it deserves. Finally, he got the baby outfitted with pick guard, the bridge, the neck, the electronics and all, and strung it. Once the guitar is put together, he gave it a test drive with a section of Mateus Asato’s version of To God Be The Glory and boy, does it sounds fantastic.

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If you are keen on the process, you can check out Burls Art build video embedded below. Also, you can check out the photos of the build process, along with description over on Imgur.

Images: Imgur/YouTube.

Source: Laughing Squid.

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