they say you can tell a person’s fashion sense through his or her choice of eyewear and if that holds any truth, then we suppose the Vinylize Eyewear will probably define you as an uber stylish person. why? these are not ordinary plastic frames; each pair is handmade in Hungary, pressed from real vinyl record. yes. vinyl record. the thingy that plays music recorded on them. apart from the obvious (i.e. storing sweet tunes), it looks like vinyl records do have other uses, such as being formed into an iPhone speaker, iPad cases, iPhone cases and now eyewear. we can understand why some vinyl record lovers have this fear that this awesome and iconic music media will be annihilated.

anyway, Vinylize Eyewear line of vinyl record-based eyewear is the handy work of Tipton Eyeworks and it all began when Zachary Tipton was struck with the idea of repurposing his father’s old record collection. the vinyl of the first series was actually salvaged from a communist vinyl which Tipton found at the Budapest flea markets. though the vinyl material hailed from these records are extremely durable, it is still susceptible to heat which turns it soft and brittle in cold temperature, which is not quite the ideal material for frames. so to counter this, the vinyl is fused with biodegradable cellulose-acetate through a proprietary process that, with the aid of a protective layer, does not change the distinctive appearance of the groove-filled vinyl. the result is a pair of plastic eyewear that could last for the longest time and with a unique fashion-forward look.

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it took Zack 15 years to develop and thanks to his perseverance, we can now put music right onto our faces. Vinylize Eyewear is available as both optical for prescription lenses and as sunglasses which you can purchase from Vinylize Eyewear web store. but it is not going to be cheap; each pair cost as much as a pair of designer glasses, starting at €328 (about US$450). if you are in for some serious individualism on your face, or just a huge vinyl records connoisseur, the Vinylize is definitely a must-have for you. apparently, even Elton John is also wearing one of his music masterpiece on his face. take a more in depth look at the Vinylize Eyewear in the embedded video below.

Vinylize Eyewear via Design Boom

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