In Japan and apparently, Taiwan, robots that actually looked like robots and also fight are already a thing. Many Japanese/Taiwanese hobbyists have indulged in this high-tech ‘sports’ of fighting robot for several years and now, thanks to a Taiwanese company, Limitless IQ, the rest of the world can get to enjoy this adrenaline-pumping metal-clashing sport too.

Limitless IQ Super Anthony Fighting Robot
Wait. Were the two fighting on the Salt Flats?

This fighting biped robot is called Super Anthony. It is composed largely of metal, as a robot rightly should, and it is outfitted with no less than 15 patented, steel-geared, high-resolution IQ4516HV servomotors, each capable of delivering an astounding 45 kilograms (99 lbs!) of punch force. The servos are responsible for every movement of the robot, allowing it to perform smooth, flexible and almost human-like movement and therefore, fight.

Limitless IQ Super Anthony Fighting Robot
Super Anthony throwing a punch

Control is via a PS4 DualShock-like 2.4 GHz wireless controller, but we read that Bluetooth technology also allows for mobile phone integration, enabling image and position recognition, voice control, and GPS. It is, apparently, programmable too. Using a software called InnoBasic, you can edit the motion to bestow dear Super Anthony with other fighting moves.

Limitless IQ Super Anthony Fighting Robot
Super Anthony is the closest we will get to Real Steel for now

Furthermore, the servo motor initial position can be fine tuned via software and so is the motor speed. This maybe a toy, but it is definitely no child’s play. Super Anthony is imposing too, it towers at 14.9 inches tall (38 centimeters) and weighs in at 4.6 lbs (2.1 kilograms).

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Apparently, Super Anthony is the result of 5 years of development, which includes competing and winning some intense robot fights. It has been a while since I get so pumped about a big boys toy… but that’s until I saw the asking price of, wait for it… $1,479 (and that’s the discounted price, btw). Ouch. Well, that indeed is a big boys toy with a price to match.

Featured image: Screengrab from YouTube video.

Images: Robotics Evolution.

Source: YouTube (Unbox Therapy).

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