At first, light brown hair might not sound pleasant to you, but if you try it, you will find things are quite different. Again, if you have curly hair, you may feel that you have limited ways to style it. For instance, shading it can be discouraging since it needs skills and patience.

Women with straight hair can just apply dye and are ready to rock their favourite hues. However, things are quite different with curly hair. It is easy to ruin your hair, and end up experiencing a bad hair day! That can be disgusting! So, we have the best ideas for light brown hair.

1. Honey Brown.
Honey brown is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and appealing shades that will spice your spring or winter look easily. With the glitter and warmth, this hair shade is a great light brown hair color if you want to look impressive and attractive.

2. Soft Curls.
Whether straight, curly, wavy or short the brown hue appears the best on almost all the haircuts known. If you want to dye your curly locks brown, but you are not sure how the final look will appear like, we recommend that you choose light brown hair color without any doubt. If it goes well, you can choose the darker colors confidently later on. For now, just use lighter colors for a more natural appearance.

3. Blonde Highlights and Brown Curls.
If you are looking for an eye-appealing, cheerful yet sweet colours of brown, opt to dye your curly light brown hair with blonde shades. This is an impressive shade duo and looks great on all hair type.

4. Light Brown Red Hair.
Light brown hair appears elegant when paired with auburn shade and especially if your hair is curly. This hair shade works better on curly hair and offers you a beautiful and impressive look.

5. Medium Ash Brown Locks.
This shade is pure gold for ladies with curly hair. The colour incorporates a lot of ash hints on it, however, with standard light brown, it provides your manes a chocolate brown impact and appears excitingly beautiful. It is one of the most beautiful light brown curly hairdos for ladies.

6. Medium Brown Balayage.
This hairstyle is the talk of the town right now all for the right reasons. It is one of the trendiest cool brown hair shades have right now for the ladies with curly manes. With a light tone of medium brown and deep color of chocolate, this shade appears straight out of smooth palette.

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7. Light Brown Balayage.
We have looked at many light brown hair shades, but this one is exceptionally gorgeous on women with voluminous curly locks. The balayage is incorporated in the coppery brown shade, and it looks cute and subtle. The cool hues of brown pop up your face and give the style a shade that is thrilling and elegant.

8. Light Brown Locks to Blonde Ombre.
If you need a light and smooth style change, this haircut is the right one that will ensure you get what you need. Ideal on long hair, this look features great depth.

9. Natural Red Undertone.
Teaming up grey roots and white trimmings is a great way to come up with gorgeous contrast and dimension that looks great on any hair length. Styling your hair is made effortless since the locks already have natural dimension to it.

10. Hot Rich Cider.
The correct balance of cool and warm hues in this nut-brown hair is something to die for. This beautiful hair looks natural, fit as well as fuller and dimensional.

11. Glossy Gold.
This sleek, glossy and warm hairstyle begins with the grey roots and it is eye-appealing. It is effortless and amazing to style this look since the shine of each color improves every portion.

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