Julian Checkley Outdone Himself With This Batman XE Suit From Arkham Origins’ DLC

I am sure you recall the insanely accurate Batman Arkham Origins cosplay suit by Julian Checkley who went on to bag the Guinness World Records for “most functional gadgets on a cosplay suit.” Well, that wasn’t the last of it.

This Batman: Arkham Origins-inspired Cosplay Suit Has 23 Working Gadgets

I am sure most people are familiar with what cosplay is, but what you probably don’t know is, a well thought out and executed cosplay costume could land you with a recognition by the world leading international authority on cataloguing and verification of world records, Guinness World Records. Such is what happen to special creature […]

Julian Checkley’s Insanely Accurate Batman Arkham Origins Cosplay Will Blow Your Mind

Don’t sneer at Arkham Origins video game, thinking that the Dark Knight’s suit would be too cumbersome for mobility’s good, because brilliant cosplayer, Julian Checkley and his crew over at Order 66 has created an insanely detailed suit modelled after the cape crusader’s suit from the game and it appears to be as mobile as […]