G-Star RAW: Raw Defender

G-Star RAW : Raw Defender
(photos: G-Star RAW) G-Star RAW: Raw Defender | from US$65,000.00 | www.g-star.com

we don’t even know if this is even still available but that doesn’t stop us from featuring it here. the G-Star RAW: Raw Defender is the result of the marriage between Netherlands-based jean maker and the Rolls Royce of off-road vehicle, Land Rover, and it features a specially concocted Pennine Gray paint works, has a brown leatherette roof, and sports unique punch holes on its radiator grill, front bumper, front under shield and vents. each vehicle is numbered with its own unique serial number, starting off with 3301. the G-Star RAW: Raw Defender is available only from Land Rover Netherlands, which also the rest of the world only gets to drool over it. besides, we found out that this special collaboration first surface as far back as 2006. or was it not? and it reportedly cost around $65,000. regardless, we will just keep ourselves happy with a few more drool-worthy images after the break.

G-Star RAW via Cool Material

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