iBike Coach turns your iPhone into a bike computer

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(photos: iBike) iBike Coach | US$69.95 | www.ibike-coach.com

iPhone-toting cycling enthusiasts will have the opportunity to exploit the full potential of your iPhone for your cycling need. iBike, the maker of the iBike Dash Cycling Computer, has announced the iBike Coach which aims to transform your iDevice into a bike computer, complete with a dedicated coaching app, a rugged construction water- and shock-resistant case that works with any model of iPhone and a universal mount that allows attachment to virtually any bike. the useful app builds on the success of the iBike Dash Cycling Computer, tracks cycling speed, distance, time, and displays the map – all when you are cycling but that’s not all it does. cyclists can now share your ride data with friends and other fellow cyclists, thanks to the free, six-month premium subscription to Strava.com, an online social fitness media.
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the concept of using your iPhone as your cycling computer is, of course, not new but the iBike Coach package takes care of both the hardware protection for your iDevice and also addresses the need for social interaction among cyclists. i am not an avid cyclist but it sure sounds like a complete package to me. plus, the hardware protection can finally ease my worry about sudden shower when riding and if the bike falls over, at least i know my phone will be well protected from any shock. the $69.96 iBike Coach comes packaged with the iBike case and mount, iBike Coach app, and a 6-months free Strava Premium Membership.

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