Mobile Pixels Geminos Stacked Screens

Duex Lite and Duex Plus are perfect for on-the-go laptop users who need more screen real estate but if you are desktop-bound users, Mobile Pixels think that a wide viewing area may not be the best idea. And so the idea of stack screens, Geminos, was born.

Mobile Pixels Geminos Stacked Screens

TBH, the effect of the Mobile Pixels Geminos Stacked Screens may be the same. Instead of turning your head side-to-side, you’d be tilting your head up and down but perhaps, a little less since you can move your eyes.

However, Mobile Pixels may be right. Most of the time, we need more space vertically, so we can scroll less, and multi-task without hurting our necks. Mobile Pixels Geminos is definitely a novel way of dual monitor setup.

Perhaps nobody tried it because it is not easy to stack monitors without a purpose-made stand. But with Geminos, it comes with two screens stacked out of the box.

Mobile Pixels Geminos Stacked Screens

It is composed of two 24-inch monitors and offers infinite adjustability to suit your need. It features a built-in 1080p webcam and speakers, and it also offers a myriad of I/Os, including a 100W USB-C passthrough for charging.

Geminos has not proven itself in the real world but on paper, it seems like a logical proposition. It is a dual monitor setup that is not only ergonomic with an angled surface to suit your view height but since it is a USB hub built into it, it also helps to reduce desktop clutter.

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That’s not to mention going upward saves you quite a bit of desktop real estate.

Mobile Pixels Geminos Stacked Screens

There are two models to choose from, namely, Geminos and Geminos X. The key differences are resolution, refresh rate, and maximum brightness.

You can learn more about Mobile Pixels Geminos Stacked Screens on Kickstarter where you can also pledge for a product for as low as US$499. Meanwhile, here’s the pitch video:

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Mobile Pixels Geminos Stacked Screens

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