Bose OE2 and OE2i On-Ear Audio Headphones

Bose OE2 Audio Headphones 900x515px
(photos: Bose) Bose OE2/OE2i Audio Headphones | from US$149.95 |

tech-lifestyle means getting something that’s not only functional but also stylish or at least, aesthetically pleasing and that’s what this pair of latest music cans from Bose is about. dubbed the Bose OE2 Audio Headphones, this pair of headphones promise to deliver the Bose sound that you have come to expect in a smaller and lighter form factor. though, a headphones will always be a headphones, so nothing radical is expected unless you have cans made out of real shoes. nevertheless, this pair of cans bears the usual Bose minimalist and clean design, which is more than pleasing to our eyes.
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the OE2 features Bose’s proprietary TriPort technology that offers a tonally balanced audio, Bose acoustic equalization for improved frequency response, soft cushion earcups, and collapsible design for ease of storage and transport. it even comes with a slim case for storage and transportation when not in use. a hologram label stuck discreetly on the inside of the headband as an identification that your headphones is an authentic Bose product. a seemingly insignificant feature that could prevent you from paying good money for knock offs. also available is the OE2i version that features an inline three-button remote with integrated microphone that offers control to volume, track selection, switches between calls and music, and handsfree iPhone voice call and access to voice applications on your device.

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the OE2 Audio Headphones can be yours for $149.95 a pair or for 30 bucks more, you can get yourself the OE2i model.


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