Summer’s packing its bags, and autumn’s knocking on the door like an over-eager trick-or-treater, but guess what? LEGO‘s here to mess with the space-time weather continuum. They’ve dropped a new adult collector set that’s basically a snow globe, except it’ll make you shiver even before the first snowflake dares to show up. LEGO is getting ahead of the weather/season.

LEGO Icons Alpine Lodge (71426) Building Set

Introducing the LEGO Icons Alpine Lodge (71426) – your one-way ticket to winter whimsy and holiday cheer! This 1,517-piece snowy masterpiece is like a cozy winter wonderland trapped in a box, just waiting for you to bring it to life.

Inside, you’ve got all the holiday must-haves: a bar serving hot drinks (for those mini-figs who’ve had a bit too much cocoa), a fireplace that’s cozier than your grandma’s hugs, and even a teeny-tiny Christmas tree to complete the festive vibes.

But here’s where it gets fancy: there’s a light brick hidden in there, and with a chimney tap, you can light up the place like a holiday fireworks show. OK. I may have exaggerated a little here but you get the idea.

LEGO Icons Alpine Lodge (71426) Building Set

Outside, there’s a little frozen pond for skating (mini-fig triple axels, anyone?), a snowman for frosty fun, and even an outhouse – because even LEGO mini-figs need a moment of solitude now and then.

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Oh, and did we mention there’s a snowmobile and a trailer to haul Christmas trees? It’s like LEGO’s version of “Fast & Furious: Frosty Drift.” But let’s hope the folks at Universal Pictures don’t stumble upon this, as we’d rather not be responsible for sparking any wild notions. You know, making a car go into space and take out a satellite is a ludicrous idea enough.

And of course, you get four lovely mini-figures: a lodge employee, a parent and child duo, and one solo adventurer who’s probably hunting down the Yeti.

LEGO Icons Alpine Lodge (71426) Building Set

So, gather the family, because this winter wonderland is a blast for everyone. The big lodge is for the adults (because let’s face it, we’re all big kids), and the little parts are perfect for the actual kids. Time to turn your living room into a LEGO winter paradise – just watch out for that mischievous snowman!

The LEGO Icons Alpine Lodge (71426) is slated to drop on October 01, 2023, for LEGO insiders, and on October 04, 2023, for the rest of us. The asking price is US$99.99 which is definitely a bargain price of a lodge if it is an actual lodge.

LEGO Icons Alpine Lodge (71426) Building Set
LEGO Icons Alpine Lodge (71426) Building Set
LEGO Icons Alpine Lodge (71426) Building Set

Images: LEGO.

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