Wait. Did we not tell you that the LEGO Ideas submission of the iconic house from Home Alone by Alex Storozhuk aka adwind, was greenlit by LEGO? Never mind if we didn’t because the set, officially called LEGO Ideas 21330 Home Alone, will be dropping soon.

LEGO Ideas 21330 Home Alone Building Set

Packing 3,955 pieces, LEGO Ideas 21330 Home Alone building set lets you build the iconic McCallister house as seen in the 1990’s blockbuster, located in Winnetka, Illinois.

Fun fact: Only a few interior scenes were filmed in the house because it was too small for all the shooting equipment. The house was mostly used for exterior shots.

LEGO Ideas 21330 Home Alone Building Set

Notwithstanding this fact, this LEGO replica of the McCallister house on Lincoln Avenue does have a detailed interior – from the attic to the basement – to let you play out classic Kevin vs. the Wet Bandits scenes.

Speaking of the Wet Bandits… the set comes with 5 LEGO minifigures, namely, Kevin McCallister, Kate McCallister, ‘Old Man’ Marley, and of course, the two bandits, Harry and Marv. Not sure will Marley and mom are in the picture, though.

LEGO Ideas 21330 Home Alone Building Set

Anyways, also included in the build is a buildable treehouse as well as the bandits’ van.

When completed, it measures over 10.5 inches high, 13 inches wide and 14.5 inches deep (27 x 34 x 37 cm). It is certainly a huge set that demands some serious shelf space.

LEGO Ideas 21330 Home Alone Building Set

If the majestic size isn’t enough of a presence, this set further boasts a LEGO light brick that illuminates the furnace for an added focal point.

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LEGO Ideas 21330 Home Alone Building Set will arrive on November 01, 2021, for US$249.99. Meanwhile, here’s an official music video to celebrate the launch of the set, starring Macaulay Culkin.

Images: LEGO Group.

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