Remember SpyraOne, the water gun that changes water battles forever? Well, Spyra has never stopped evolving. It was followed up by SpyraTwo in 2021 (which also has a Supreme cobrand model last year, btw) and then a mechanical water blaster, called SpyraLX was launched last year. Fast forward to today, we have the most advanced water gun yet, SpyraThree.

SpyraThree Water Blaster

The SpyraThree offers three game modes: burst mode, open mode, and league mode. Burst mode fires 3 super fast, consecutive, ultra-powerful water blasts with each trigger pull while the open model lets you fire, well, freestyle, however you desire.

Meanwhile, the league mode aka the official Spyra tournament mode has a restricted rate of fire but with each trigger pull, you’d be letting go of a PowerShot that is powerful and far (up to 15 meters or 49 feet). Other modes offer up to 10 meters (33 feet) range with pinpoint accuracy. A MODI slider on the side of the blaster lets you quickly switch between the modes on the fly.

SpyraThree Water Blaster

As before, SpyraThree features Auto Reload that refills, and repressurizes in under 10 seconds, and SpyraBlast Tech lets you shoot with a single blast and with purpose. Kind of like a sniper rifle but shoots water. SpyraThree also promises constant pressure.

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Other notables include a tactical display that lets you in on the tank and battery stats, a textured handle that provides grip in the wettest battles, an air hole that provides an exit for air or excess water, USB-C fast charging, and a smart filter to keep dirt out of the tank.

The SpyraThree water blaster is available now from for US$179.00. It is available in a choice of blue or red, or as a two-pack for US$336.52.

SpyraThree Water Blaster

Images: Spyra.

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