Gloves In A Bottle Shielding Lotion Protects Your Skin Like A Pair Of Invisible Gloves

Because of the threat of COVID-19, some people may be over-sanitizing their hands and according to some experts, over-sanitizing is not good for your skin. In fact, you don’t need experts to tell you that. Over anything – save for maybe money, is not good. So, cut your hands some slack with Gloves In A …

ESA Power Glove Lets Astronaut Control Martian Drone Or Lunar Rover Using Gestures

While spacesuit does a good job in keeping the astronauts safe from the harsh vacuum atmosphere, it does so with much cumbersome. It is with this in mind that the European Space Agency Power Glove was conceived.

NeoMano Robotic Glove Lets People With Paralysis Or Weak Hand Regain Some Hand Function

This is NeoMano by Neofect. It is a robotic glove that enables people with paralysis or weak hands to regain some hand functionality so they can complete simply daily tasks. It is really a brilliant invention.

Jaguar Land Rover Developed A 3D-Printed Glove To Prevent Musculoskeletal Disorder

What you see here is a glove, a 3D printed glove from Jaguar Land Rover’s Garden site, also the home to one of the largest 3D printing facilities in the U.K. Yes. Affirmative. That is a glove, alright. However, it is not the glove you thought you know.

This Pair of Gloves Goes Beyond Touchscreen-friendly, Has NFC for Quick Access to Any App

Gloves that play well with touchscreen device are not new, but here’s an uber sleek pair, dubbed Touchpoint 2.0, from Toronto-based fashion label August Brand that goes beyond touchscreen-friendly; it is NFC-enabled too, thus affording you quick access to any app with just a tap of the gloves’ finger or wrist. Wearability and esthetic of …

BearTek Bluetooth Gloves

being in a tropical country, having cold hands are less of a worry than sweating profusely, however, if you are located on the opposite pole and already bracing from the cold winter season, the BearTek Bluetooth Gloves will offer the much needed reprieve for your freezing hands while still allowing you control over your favorite

Star Wars Force Glove

ever since the debut of the ‘Force’ in Star Wars films, the idea of an invisible force has been the fantasy for many boys growing up in the 70s. as grown up, we all know that’s not going to happen and no one that we knew of did actually have that kind of power. speaking of which, we have to remind ourselves that Luke and the gang were not were not earthlings…