being in a tropical country, having cold hands are less of a worry than sweating profusely, however, if you are located on the opposite pole and already bracing from the cold winter season, the BearTek Bluetooth Gloves will offer the much needed reprieve for your freezing hands while still allowing you control over your favorite gadgets like your smartphone and even the GoPro camera. billed as the luxury class gloves, these BearTek Bluetooth Gloves are specifically designed for motorcycle, ski and snowboard, or basically anyone who are always out in the cold, providing them with the necessary warm and protection while putting controls right at their (gloved) fingertips. connectivity to your device is achieved via Bluetooth module or a patent-pending wireless sync module that tucks away, unobtrusively, in the cuff.

on the gloves are little touchpads, all six of them, located on the fingers that allow your thumb to interact with the individual touch points to gain control over the key functions of the phone or Bluetooth-enabled media device for taking of calls, music control and the likes. when equipped with the camera module (aka the wireless sync module), it allows GoPro-specific functions such as start/stop video recording, change between video and photo modes, taking still images and turning the camera on/off through the gloves. keeping the gloves’ wireless functionality juice is a built-in rechargeable battery, offering up to 80 hours of usage per charge. the BearTek Bluetooth Gloves also works with other Bluetooth devices such as headsets and helmets, and because of the removable module, all BearTek Bluetooth Gloves are upgradable so you can be sure that when it is time to upgrade the technology, your seasoned pair of BearTek needs not to be changed.

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currently, three models are being offered: the winter classic glove, the snow glove kit, and the motorcycle glove kit. each kit includes the gloves with a choice of Bluetooth or GoPro camera sync module. available now with a starting sticker of $225 per pair. a product video follows after the break.

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