need a light? and something to spice up your desk? well, if you haven’t catch the Alien Abduction Lamp last Christmas, then perhaps you should this year because it will readily fulfill the two aforementioned wants. the lamp comes in the form of a flying saucer (more lovingly known as UFO by us, earthlings) with a high quality perspex that funnels down to “real fake grass” with the potential abductee, which is our dear Bovine. the perspex, or the beam if you like, doubles as a stand to the whole setup and being completely transparent by nature, it appears that the alien spaceship is hovering over the poor cow who obviously has no idea what’s going on and when you toggle the UFO antenna, it switches on the energy saving LED light, thus giving the effect of the UFO is in the process of tractor beaming the cattle up.

the UFO antenna/toggle switch allows for turning on and off the light, as well as offering a pulsing mode for a ‘more realistic’ alien abduction effect. other details include a high quality steel body with black-pearl finish (you know. not all UFOs are sliver, right?), a glowing green and yellow cockpit with glow-in-the-dark aliens, an ultra non-slip base keeps the light firming on your desk, and each lamp comes with one cow, but extra bovid mammals can be purchased for AU$4 ea. (about US$3.90), if so desired. this is an original lamp designed by Lasse Klien and would be your closest experience you will ever get to X files. available from Australia-based company The Funky Company now for AU$110, or about US$106, based on the current going rate.

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The Funky Company via The Gadgeteer

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