we wouldn’t say this rather badass table, dubbed The Float Table, is the perfect example of form and functionality, but it will sure make quite a conversational piece for any home or office. the unique feature of The Float Table, which is obviously the floating or levitating effect, is the result of a matrix of magnetized wooden cubes that are placed in their opposing poles, thereby giving the cubes the levitating effect. well, the thing is, it is not completely levitating per say as the cubes would just fall away without some form of restrains; so to keep things together, or should we say ‘keep in shape’, these cubes are held in place a system of tensile steel cables which are not immediately visible ’till close inspection.

The Float Table is no doubt a nice piece of alternative design table that truly echoes the the firm’s ethos of “integrating technology and mechanics into reactive, transformable objects with novel actuation schemes”, but seriously, as a practical approach, i won’t fancy it as much if i am the one who will be responsible for keeping it spick and span. just imagine the real estate the dust have to dance around and settle on. then again, if anyone is capable of dropping 10 grand or more for a piece of furniture, my guess is, he or she could already have near dust-free environment and a domestic helper to see that the spaces in between are dust-free as often as possible. see how the table ‘magically’ deforms and stabilizes when force is applied in the embedded video below.

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we are not sure when you will be able to score one for your space age pad, but when it is finally available, you would, as indicated earlier, be expected to shell at least $10,000 for a table with 27 cubes. if you are an avid follower of avant-garde furniture or simply appreciate the idea of fusing art and technology into furniture, then make sure you check RockPaperRobot out. in the meantime, there is a small gallery of images below for some further appreciation.

RockPaperRobot via HiConsumption

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