Bolt Action Tactical Pen

Bolt Action Tactical Pen
(photos: Boker) Boker Bolt Action Tactical Pen | US$49.99 |

when English author Edward Bulwer-Lytton coined “the pen is mightier than the sword” back in the 17th century, we are pretty sure those words did not hold literal meaning. it might not even be literal even if the Boker Bolt Action Tactical Pen was in existence when he was penning that particular play but we don’t really care. all we know is this hard anodized milled aluminum pen is as cool as its namesake and it has an awesomely cool bolt action mechanism for clicking open and close the pen. contrary to its name, it is as harmless as a pen can be and works like what a pen should (and hey, it even has an integrated clip like any other pen!) but with a whole lot of attitude. perfect writing instrument for those who embraces military culture or has an insatiable love for firearms. the Boker Bolt Action Tactical Pen can be yours for $49.99 a pop. oh, in case you are wondering, its official name is Boker Plus Tactical Pen: CID CAL .45. pretty impressive, huh? check out a short product video after the break.

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