Fieldcandy Tents

Fieldcandy Tents
(photos: Firebox) Fieldcandy Tents | from £395.00 |

when it comes to enjoying the great wilderness, a tent is something of a necessity for that good night rest after a hard day mugging around in the wild. while this invention needs little further innovation, it could benefit from a little splash of graphic design. if you are not content with just soaking up what the nature has to offer to you, you can rest yourself with style in these Fieldcandy Tents (read: eye candy. got it?) that comes in a variety of cheeky designs that include one that looks like a book (‘Full Booked), a watermelon (‘What a Melon’), a circus tent (‘Big Top’), just to name a few. our favorites got to be the ‘Get a Room’ (one with the silhouettes of a pair of lovers) and the ‘Rule Britannia’ (it’s an Union Jack!) designs. the Fieldcandy Tents comprises of an 100% cotton inner tent and an outer flysheet. the latter is the piece that gets all the attention while you rest peacefully within. this two-man tent features extra strong pegs to hold it down, heavy duty zips and comes bundled with lockable storage pouches, combination padlocks, a hammer, tent peg puller and an indestructible instructions. in short, it has everything you need to start pitching. a grass-scented sachet comes as standard to get you into the outdoor mood. the Fieldcandy Tents price ranges from £395 to £495 (about US$630 to US$790).

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