Some people who lose their Apple TV remote… in their homes. Don’t ask how. Perhaps, it was the doing of people from Couchville? If you are one of those people who sometimes misplaced the Apple TV’s remote – specifically the Apple Siri Remote, perhaps the Elago 2021 Apple TV Siri Remote R5 Case may come in handy.

Elago 2021 Apple TV Siri Remote R5 Case

Unlike many of Elago’s offerings, the 2021 Apple TV Siri Remote R5 Case case won’t make your remote look like some classic devices (such as turning an Apple TV into a classic video game console); however, it is a case that, while protecting the precious remote from knocks, bumps and scratches, has a hidden receptacle for an Apple AirTag (not included) for, well, finding the remote in case you misplaced it.

The case is of “premium silicone” and it is, as you can see, pretty chunky. It does, however, come with a lanyard to prevent drops. So, it may not be for those who appreciate the low profile design of the Apple Siri Remote.

Elago 2021 Apple TV Siri Remote R5 Case
Apple AirTag not included.

If you are cool with the increased bulk and want one, you may pick up the Elago 2021 Apple TV Siri Remote R5 Case from or Elago website for US$14.99 a pop.

Elago 2021 Apple TV Siri Remote R5 Case

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Images: Elago.

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