Apple fans who have a nostalgic feeling for the good’ol Macintosh may want to check out the Elago W3 Stand for Apple Watch 1 & 2. Ok. Maybe I should have said Apple Watch users instead cos’ obviously, not all Apple fans fancy Apple Watch. Anyways, the product image is pretty self-explanatory. The product shares an exceedingly likeness to the original Macintosh 128K machine, only way smaller, and when you slip your wrist-worn Apple Watch into it, it is ironically way more powerful then its forebear. Computers have come a long way, isn’t it?

Elago W3 ‘Macintosh 128K’ Stand for Apple Watch 1 & 2

W3 Stand is made of silicone to prevent scratching your precious smart timepiece and as you can see, by docking your Apple Watch inside, it takes advantage of the watch’s nightstand mode to lend the otherwise display-less mini Macintosh a display, which is needles to say, super cool (and ridiculously cute). A perfect homage to the 1984 machine that started it all. Available in a choice of black or white in exchange for a modest amount of $14.99.

Elago W3 ‘Macintosh 128K’ Stand for Apple Watch 1 & 2

Elago W3 ‘Macintosh 128K’ Stand for Apple Watch 1 & 2

Images: Elago.

via Cool Hunting

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