Elago, the gadget accessory maker most notable for its quirky stands for Apple Watch that take the form of nostalgic Apple products like the iMac G3 and the classic Macintosh, is back with a new Apple Watch stand. This time, Elago pays homage to the first MP3 player from the Cupertino tech giant, the classic iPod. Though, due to the obvious legal implications, iPod is not reference here. It’s simply called W6 Stand.

Elago Classic iPod W6 Stand for Apple Watch

As before, the stand is made from silicone so that it won’t mar your very expensive Apple smartwatch and the softness allows for an easy and snug fit. It works with all Apple Watch series of any size (Series 1 through to Series 4, 38 mm to 44 mm models) and it is totally compatible with Apple Watch Nightstand Mode.

No doubt a cool stand to jazz up your nightstand with a bit of Apple nostalgia. You know, a reminder of the glorious days of Apple when it was helm by Steve Jobs. Elago Classic iPod W6 Stand for Apple Watch is available in classic white, as well as a black model that reminiscent of the iPod U2 edition, and it can be had for just $14.99.

Like the previous stands, the W6 is literally just a stand. You will need your stock cable and wireless charging pad that came with your purchase of the Apple Watch if you want charging functionality with it.

Images: Elago.

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Source: Ubergizmo.

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