While the Apple AirPods itself is not a music player, we thought the Elago AW6 AirPods Hang Case is an apt homage to the music player that pretty much kick started the digital music revolution.

You know how the story goes. Apple is NOT quite an innovator, but somehow, it has always been the company that popularized innovations. MP3 player included.

Elago AW6 AirPods Hang Case

That said, you can pay homage to the digital music player that started it all by dressing up your AirPods charging case with the Elago AW6 AirPods Hang Case and in the process make your AirPods looks like a cute Classic iPod.

The case is made of silicone that will protect your AirPods charging case from scratches and certain level of impacts.

It further features a thinner section that allows the charging case’s LED indicator to shine through and it comes with a built-in loop where a key ring and a carabiner are attached to, so you can attach the AirPods to a variety of places for easy access.

Elago AW6 AirPods Hang Case

Elago AW6 AirPods Hang Case is compatible with both the original AirPods and the 2nd-generation AirPods, and it totally supports wireless charging for the Apple AirPods Wireless Charging Case. Get it on Amazon for $12.99.

No, wait. You may want to pick it up from Elago web store because, it is having 20 percent discount store wide for Black Friday. You will need to enter the code ELAGODEAL20 to enable the discount.

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Images: Elago.

Source: Yanko Design.

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