Aliens is one of the pop culture phenomena of the 70s and it is a wonder why there isn’t an official Aliens-themed thrill ride. Perhaps, the theme is a little too dark for commercial success? I don’t know. Whatever it is, it does not stop YouTuber Hin Nya, who appears to be a huge fan of Aliens of Japanese descent, from creating one, but virtually, of course, using a steam game, a theme park simulator called Planet Coaster by Frontier Developments.

What Hin Nya has reimagined is probably something business entity won’t do as it is heavy on visual and audio borrowed from the movies. Moreover, it appears to Hin Nya ride is a good 15-minute long which typical roller coaster don’t even extend beyond a minute and a half. The entire setup is a haunting visual spectacle – one that only true fans of Aliens will appreciate. You hop on this spectacular virtual thrill ride in the embedded video below.

Image: YouTube.

via The Awesomer.

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