Robots are set to replace many tasks now carried out by humans. In fact, it already did in some industry, more notably, the auto industry and they have already taken the jobs of flipping burgers, checking stocks at supermarket, security patrol (and committing suicide?), harvesting and whatnot, and now, even strip dancing? Or to be more precise, pole dancing to entertainment men and women. These hip-gyrating pole dancing robots are not the newest news, but they made news again simply because they were the spot light at the Sapphire Gentleman’s Club in Las Vegas during CES. Yup. CES. How fitting, isn’t it? And they duo even have names.

Called #R2DOUBLED and #TRIPLECPU (no prize for guessing where they derive their names from), they have seen quite a few events and raves, including CeBit as we have previously reported. But we are not sure if they were from the same maker. Anyways, the thing about these robots is, they are not as high-tech as we have imagined. It was reported that they composed mainly of parts pulled from mannequins and powered by motors from windshield wiper and gate-opener. And obviously, they have heads that are non-recording CCTV. How cute.

Also, they are non-interactive. Like a stripper devoid of feeling (not that real strippers are, btw), they are rigged to pole dance in a random fashion. Wait. we are confused here. Are these the same robots that were on CeBit? Accordingly to PCMag, they are created by Giles Walker who intended them to be “commonalty on how the UK government was trying to ‘sex up’ nationwide surveillance.” As you would have expected, it gradually lost its original motive as fame landed on the duo and after getting more gigs for entertainment purpose.

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I am guessing guests at the Sapphire Club must had a good laugh and I am sure them tipping the robots with real money was also meant to be a joke.

Image: YouTube.

via PCMag.

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