We were struggling to put together a Christmas Gift Guide (which haven’t been doing since 2015), but thankfully, someone already did the job for us. Granted, they are all from one place, but hey, if its ideas that you are after, then there’s no harm taking a look at eBay’s Digital Toy Book.

Digital Toy Book is described as “bursting with a broad selection of rare, retro and right now toys for kids of all ages.”

eBay Unveiled 2019 Digital Toy Book

It further claims that you will find everything from “collectible Star Wars retro action figures to an exclusive Star Wars #75 comic, the Nintendo Game Boy of yesteryear to the latest Nintendo Switch Lite.

Plus there are tons of family fun games, Barbies (note: not BBQ), plushies, S.T.E.M. toys, and boat load more stuff.

You are welcome to browse the eBay’s 2019 Toytopia Toy Book HERE. You may also want to discover more coveted holiday toys and gifts at this special website HERE. (note: we are NOT affiliated with eBay).

All images courtesy of eBay.

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