You can combat extreme cold outdoor by slipping multiple layers of clothing or do what Eskimos do with clothing that impossibly thick. However, if you prefer your garments not impeding on your movements, you really should look to the freeze-resistance Bettermade Astro Winter Parka.

Thanks to the Aerogel technology, AKA the world’s lightest solid, AKA frozen smoke, it can stand up to direct assault of cold as freezing as minus 320 degrees Fahrenheit (-197 degrees Celsius!). Aerogel is also used by space agencies like NASA as an insulation in space suits and aircraft.

Bettermade Astro Winter Parka

So, I guess you could say Bettermade Astro Winter Parka is space age apparel. Obviously, a regular person won’t be subjected to that kind of hellish cold, but the whole idea is, it can keep out extreme cold with just 3 mm thin aerogel filler.

This result in a thin and lightweight outwear that promotes freedom of movements while keeping you nice and toasty. Moreover, Bettermade Astro Winter Parka is IPX rated for water resistance and further boasts wind blocking property while remaining breathable.

Bettermade Astro Winter Parka

Other notables include machine washable, adjustable detachable hood, 2-way zippers, adjustable cuffs and hem, and four convenient exterior pockets.

For a limited time, you can pre-order Bettermade Astro Winter Parka for as low as $129 (U.P. $372.50). Or if you want it in time for Christmas, you can get it at $189. Keep going for an informative video to learn more.

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All images courtesy of Bettermade.

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