I am sure we are all familiar with Subway’s Footlong. But have you heard of a Footlong Cookie? Yup. It is a thing, alright. To celebrate National Cookie Day (yup, also a thing) on December 04, arguably the world’s most recognizable sandwich brand has taken its iconic cookie to a new level, or should I say “length” with the debut of the footlong cookie.

Subway Footlong Cookie National Cookie Day

The footlong cookie is not just a cookie that stretches a footlong (which is pretty quirky itself, btw); it is piled high with decadent toppings ranging from indulgent and sweet, to savory and totally unexpected says Subway.

Inspired by the Subway Series signature subs, the footlong cookie is available in four limited-edition flavors exclusively at Cookieway, the brand’s pop-up restaurant that only serves its fan-favorite cookies.

For folks who can’t make it to Cookieway, there is a consolation by way of a six and twelve-pack Cookie Bundle which is available now at Subway restaurants across the U.S.

Moreover, there is a special cookie deal in which you can take US$2 off a footlong sub when adding a cookie to orders placed on the Subway app or Subway.com. You will need a Subway account and have opted into the email. You can learn more about this monster cookie HERE.

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All images courtesy of Subway.

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