Colin Furze. The man who made things, AKA the British mad inventor, has once again teamed up with eBay to create their third Star Wars project in anticipation of theatrical release of Star Wars: Rise of the Skywalker.

Unlike the previous projects (this and this), this latest Star Wars-inspired project is a lot smaller. It is Landspeeder kind of small, but no less cool. The project is a 2-parter, but just the first video alone, it is about 90 percent done.

The next video will see the man sprucing up the vehicle, tweak the mechanical bits and some other stuff. As it is, it is already impressive enough.

Obviously, a hovering Landspeeder like the one seen in the movie is not possible. Instead, this real-life Briton-made vehicle was a modified golf buggy with an upgraded electric motor and custom gearing.

The result was, as you can see, spot on. We can’t wait for it to be completed. Continue reading to watch the entire build process of part 1, peppered with the usual Furze humor. P.S. it would be cool if its jet powered. Just saying…

Images: YouTube (colinfurze).

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