Calling out all geeks. Do you have a fetish for pole dancing robots? Well, if the answer is yes, then you are in luck my geeky friends! Tobit Software have developed a couple such robots. Yes. You heard that right. Pole dancing robots are a thing (in fact, since 2014). They are real! What a time to be alive! Unfortunately, if Scarlett Johansson is the image you have of a sexy robot gyrating away, holding on to a pole, then you will be sorely disappointed because Tobit Software’s duo of pole dancing robots are, well, just robots. That means, the look is of a robot (duh!).

They do have proper limbs, torso and all, but the obvious giveaway that they aren’t Major is (if you still haven’t caught it…) the CCTV head. Ok. I am spouting nonsense. Every parts of the robots are unmistakable robotic. Not one can miss those. As a consolation though, they do have breasts, but of what cup size, I have absolutely no idea. And also, they are probably plastic. Yea. Not even silicone. Imagine that! However, if you are turned on by hip-gyrating robots that don’t actually looks like Scarlett Johansson, then may I suggest you go seek some help. Pronto.

No, seriously. They don’t even look like humans. The only likeness (to humans) is they have limbs, torso and a head. We want to dismiss this as not the future, but given the advancement we have in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics, who is to say our fellow robot workers of the future need no such form of entertainment? Also, with the availability of sex robots and blowjob cafe staffed by sex robots, I guess the ridiculous notion of humans would enjoy robot strippers wouldn’t be farfetched at all, would it? Hell, I’d say we humans are progressing…

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Image: Sir Roll (YouTube).

via LADbible.

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