Holy mother of… Harry Potter’s Cloak of Invisibility is real! However, there is nothing magical about the invisibility cloak made by Quantum Stealth material by Canadian Hyperstealth Biotechnology.

Hyperstealth Biotechnology’s invisibility cloak surfaced several years ago, but it is until recently that the company discloses that it has applied for patents on the tactical material.

Altogether, Hyperstealth Biotechnology has four patents pending relating to the Quantum Stealth material, otherwise known as Lighting Bending Material, or simply invisibility cloak as pop culture refers it to as.

Deemed to be an “inexpensive and paper-thin” technology, Quantum Stealth is power-free and works by bending light around a target to alter its position or in some cases, making it disappear completely.

Hyperstealth Biotechnology Invisibility Cloak
Notice how the green laser “pass through” the cloak and lands on the paper.

What you will perceive of the object shrouded by Quantum Stealth is just the background, thus invisibility is achieved. Fortunately or not, Quantum Stealth is primary developed for the military, allowing armed forces to conceal its military hardware like artillery, fighter jets and whatnot.

If it is real, Quantum Stealth has just taken camouflage to the whole new level. But there is really no reason to doubt its existence for the company has already reveal the technology several years ago (since 2010).

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It is a matter of time the technology will be perfected and a cloak like the one seen in Harry Potter movies becomes a reality.

Keep going to have a look at Quantum Stealth in action and if you like, you can read in details about Hyperstealth Biotechnology’s four patents HERE, or view the full length presentation HERE.

Images: Vimeo (Hyperstealth Corp.).

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