We already know TCL is developing a rolling display smartphone. This year, the concept is one step closer to reality when TCL CSOT revealed two rollable display products at CES 2021.

TCL CSOT Printed OLED Scrolling Display

The two products are a 17-inch Printed OLED Scrolling Display and a 6.7-inch AMOLED Rollable Display. The 17-inch device is not so much of a smartphone, but it is certainly a portable device.

The flexible 17-inch Printed OLED Scrolling Display is mere 0.18 mm thin and an example of a larger-scale flexible display technology. It is not much different from a painting rolled up.

TCL CSOT Printed OLED Scrolling Display

This technology is produced by TCL CSOT’s inkjet printing technology, touting 100% color gamut. It will have a variety of applications, including flexible TVs, curved and foldable displays, as well as transparent commercial displays. Moreover, cost of production is said to be lower than traditional display technologies too.

Meanwhile, the portable 6.7-inch AMOLED Rollable Display is a smartphone that extends from 6.7-inch to 7.8-inch, and it measures no more than 10 mm thick. That, if you ask me, is the future of expandable display, not folding devices which are thick and clunky.

TCL CSOT said that the curling and sliding radius of the flexible screen can be as small as R3 mm. With a simple swipe of a button, the device can swiftly expand into a tablet. And this can be done up to 100,000 times.

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Images: TCL.

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