Well, we certainly did not see this coming. Danish toy maker LEGO have teamed up with streetwear label HYPE. to launch a colorful streetwear collection inspired by LEGO Ninjago.

HYPE. x LEGO Ninjago Streetwear Collection

Never mind whether or not if a growth-ass person is into Ninjago (though it is very unlikely), but the sweet colors from the HYPE. x LEGO Ninjago Streetwear Collection is hard to ignore.

Obviously, HYPE. isn’t going to sell ninja-yoroi of Kai or Zane, or that black armor getup of Lord Garmadon. The collection will have colors and prints that draw inspiration from LEGO popular toy line/animated TV series.

Expect to find mesh paneling, embroidery, on-trend chunky taping, branded neck ribs and oversized graphics in this 28-piece collection, as well as metallic look that accentuate the prints and the use of metal D rings “emphasizing the power of the LEGO Ninjago Spirit.

“Featuring over-sized silhouettes in the LEGO® NINJAGO® iconic colour palette of yellow, deep red, and monochrome, with the placement of the secret LEGO® NINJAGO® language spelling out ‘JUST HYPE’ throughout the collection, each individual tee showcases prints of your all-time favourite LEGO® NINJAGO® characters.”

HYPE. x LEGO Ninjago Streetwear Collection of tees, shirts, shorts, hoodies, joggers, jackets and bags will be available from justhype.com from January 15 and from LEGO.com from January 14.

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Images: LEGO Group.

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