Brookstone Fuel Cell Portable Charger

Lilliputian Brookstone Fuel Cell Portable Charger
Brookstone Fuel Cell Portable Charger | US$tba |

we love gadgets but like all geeks, we have only one gripe in general: the batteries don’t usually last long enough for us to fully utilize our gadgets’ features. yes, we do have portable batteries or chargers to give our gadgets a dose of juice when our they are low in juice but these batteries are still based on lithium-ion battery, who’s technology is pretty much stagnant. of course, makers can keep upping the capacity (thus increasing its physical size) for more charges but that would defeat the whole idea of portability. that’s where a pocket-sized fuel cell would come in handy. this yet-to-be-named fuel cell product features a replaceable lighter fluid-filled cartridge about the size of a cigarette lighter and will offers charging through USB connection for devices such as your iPhone. just one cartridge is enough to full charge an iPhone 4 between 10 and 14 times, which equates to more than a week’s worth of usage without actually hooking up your iPhone to a wall outlet. additionally, frequent travelers will be glad to know that this fuel cell portable charger is airline-friendly. the Lilliputian Systems’ fuel cell charger will be first branded and marketed by U.S. retailer, Brookstone with availability and pricing to be announced later this year.

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