The Science of Why We Should Wear a Mask

Given that there are people who believe Earth is flat, I am not all too surprise that some would think mask does not help to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (or mask will cause death). But I am not here to debate about flat earth theory. Novel coronavirus wouldn’t care less if the Earth is flat or not.

We are here to learn the facts based on science. As far as mask is concerned, it don’t take a genius to know that it works to some extend to slow down the spread of the virus. That, along with other measures like frequent and thorough hand washing and physical distancing, all work to help slow the spread in the community.

The Science of Why We Should Wear a Mask

And this notion that mask works is no myth. More and more experts have come forward to offer compelling evidence that masks can help prevent the spread. Then again, you do not need scientific equipment to prove that.

Just look at how cloud form from the vapor of our breath during cold weather and wearing something over your mouth reduces that cloud significantly, if not eliminating it completely. And remember that virus may be hitching a ride in the vapor that forms the cloud and so….

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Anyways, if you need further convincing, this article written by Ph. D. astrophysicist Ethan Siegel should convince you. If you need more persuasion, this video from It’s Okay To Be Smart demonstrates how mask can help the stop the spread – as seen through slow-motion Schlieren imaging.

Granted, Schlieren imaging will not let us see the virus, but it does allow us to see the potential vessel that they reside in in order to propagate. Go ahead and have a look. Lets spread the words of benefits and social responsibility and not virus.

Images: Matthew Staymates/NIST.