Jigsaw Puzzle Coffee Table by Unnecessary Inventions

Putting together a flat-pack furniture, such as those from IKEA, is akin to putting together a puzzle. Well, you know what? This new coffee table from Unnecessary Inventions is literally a jigsaw puzzle. Unnecessary Inventions is, of course, the same person who came with hilariously ridiculous invention like BulkPods and wearable modesty curtain for eating.

So as you may have imagined, the Jigsaw Puzzle Coffee Table, as it is called, share some level hilarity. Jigsaw Puzzle Coffee Table measures 20 by 40 inches (50.8 x 101.6 cm) and it has a table top that is literally made out of puzzle pieces. This means, you need to complete the puzzle before you can actually use it. Otherwise, the table is just a regular coffee table with hairpin legs.

Altogether, there are 55 puzzle pieces, each made from 1/4-inch Baltic Birch. To make things easier (read: more practical), the other perimeter of the puzzle is permanently attached to the white 3/4-inch MDF grid base.

Jigsaw Puzzle Coffee Table by Unnecessary Inventions

The table weighs just 20 lbs (a little over 9 kilograms), but it is strong enough to sustain 180 lbs load. Not that anyone is going to fully utilize that payload. Right? Right?

Admittedly, the puzzle part of an otherwise regular coffee is totally unnecessary, but it wouldn’t be an Unnecessary Inventions’ product if it isn’t unnecessary!

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If you are interested, this table is available to pre-order. All you have to do is to pledge for a product on Kickstarter. And it will cost you just US$139-179. But you have hurry cos’ the campaign ends in 13 hours time.

Jigsaw Puzzle Coffee Table by Unnecessary Inventions

Images: Unnecessary Inventions.