If you know how an automobile engine actually works, you will come to appreciate the Rotary engine aka Wankel engine. While it is not the most efficient, we can’t deny that it yields the best liter-power ratio.

LEGO Rotary Engine Motorized Model

Plus, it is just mind-blowing how a single triangular piece is able to achieve all 4 strokes of intake, compression, combustion and exhaust. It is even more mesmerizing to see it works. Speaking of which, if you don’t know what a rotary engine is or how it actually works, Akiyuki Brick Channel has created a LEGO model of a Wankel engine that will let you have a good idea of how this engine design works.

LEGO Rotary Engine Motorized Model

Akiyuki’s creation, which is based on Mazda 13B-MSP “RENESIS” engine found on the Mazda RX-8, clearly depicts all stages of a four stroke engine in action. He even include an orange that is triggered at the power stroke to represent combustion in the chamber.

Akiyuki’s LEGO Rotary Engine build is absolutely amazing and a must-see for any petrol head. Real petrol head. Not those who just love flashy cars. For those who are into the engineering of a gas-powered engine.

LEGO Rotary Engine Motorized Model

Keep going for the amazing video.

Images: YouTube (Akiyuki Brick Channel).

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