Countless non-mask companies have started making and selling masks. At some point, we wonder, how is that one of our favorite brands, KILLSPENCER, haven’t already gotten onboard? Well, as it turns out, it does have one.


Called SST Face Mask, it addresses a couple of key issues that some masks had with one key feature. It is designed to fit around the contours of the face while leaving space to breathe.

At this point, some of us have wore enough masks to know what we want in a mask. And I think KILLSPENCER SST Face Mask may have answered to those of mask-wearers’ wants.


Constructed of four high-quality, heavy-grade layers of Polypropylene and handcrafted in California, SST is washable and reusable (duh), liquid repellent, antibacterial, UV resistant, and surfactant resistant.

The 4-layer construction is known as Apollo Grey Safety Shield Technology, btw. So, yeah, it is not just any old mask quickly stitched together with some fabric. This thing looks totally legit. Granted, it ain’t no medical-grade, but as always, a barrier is better than none. Antibacterial and breathability are pluses too.


This being KILLSPENCER, this mask is not only functional but it also weighs heavy on style too. Speaking of which… you can even personalize it by adding your name or initials on the side leather detail of the face mask. Classy.

Each mask comes in a patented waterproof and reusable bag, so you’d have a safe place to store it when not in use.

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Available in sizes, suitable for kids, ladies and gents, the KILLSPENCER SST Face Mask can be had for US$35 a pop. Yes. It is pricey, but it is functional and you can’t deny that it is one hell of a good looking mask.

All images courtesy of KILLSPENCER.

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