ARMPAL 3D Wooden Tabletop Game is a new kind of toy that completely rethinks the concept of tabletop game. Think of it as a cross between a building toy and Hungry Hippo, but only way more advanced and sophisticated.

ARMPAL 3D Wooden Tabletop Game

It is officially described as a “cross-age 3D wooden assembly tabletop game,” but trust me, it is more fun than it sounds. Because, robotic arms.

With ARMPAL 3D Wooden Tabletop Game, you are essentially playing with precision, laser cut wooden parts and hydraulic system that you have assembled. From there, you are open to a variety of game play.

ARMPAL 3D Wooden Tabletop Game

By switching out the quick removable head kits, ARMPAL can be a manipulator caliper, an excavator, or a magnetic crane. Depending on the head kits, you can play stack tower, excavator seesaw, magnetic crane transferring race – just to name a few.

If you appreciate the working principle of multi-axis robotic arms, you will appreciate what this toy is trying to achieve.

If you are down, you may want to consider joining nearly 900 backers on Kickstarter in pre-ordering one. Depending on the perks, the price of the ARMPAL 3D Wooden Tabletop Game ranges from 768 HKD to 1,380 HKD (about US$100-179).

ARMPAL 3D Wooden Tabletop Game

Images: Kickstarter (Mongda).

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