You Don’t Need To Be A Millionaire To Own This Open Source, Desktop-size Robotic Arm

I am not sure why anyone need a robotic arm at home, but here it is anyways, the Mirobot 6-axis Mini Robotic Arm, in case you need one. It looks and performs like any large size industrial robotic arm because, well, it is a industrial robotic arm, but only 10x smaller. Mirobot 6-axis Mini Robotic […]

Thanks To exiii, You Can Now 3D Print, Built and Improve Upon Your Very Own HACKberry Bionic Hand

While 3D printing has enable development of prosthetic devices a less daunting process, the time and cost remains relatively high and hence, driving up the cost of the end product which becomes prohibitive to those who need the device. Thus, at this stage, robotic or bionic limbs are mainly restricted to labs and research purposes. […]