Stranger Things Demogorgon Dog Costume

Demodog. The adolescent Demogorgon on four from Netflix’s Stranger Things is hardly cute by any standard. In fact, it is anything but. However, that’s in the TV show. As it turns out, demodog may not be as menacing in the real world, as proven by Etsy seller That Crafty Friend. That Crafty Friend has created Demogorgon Dog Costume designed for, well, what else? Dogs, of course.

The result couldn’t be more adorable. While it is referred to as ‘costume’, it is more like a head gear. It is more akin to the Elizabethan collar that veterinarians put on fido to prevent the animal from licking its head or neck after a surgery. Head gear or costume, we have no issue. All we know is, it is pretty damn awesome.

Stranger Things Demogorgon Dog Costume

Stranger Things Demogorgon Dog Costume is made handmade from wool felt and yarn, and comes with heavy duty snaps. It is available in a variety of sizes to suit different dog sizes, ranging from extra small for 5-10 lbs dogs (like Chihuahua) to extra large for big canines (like Great Dane) weighing over 75 lbs.

Prices start at $25 for extra small and runs up to $75 for extra large variety. I know it is too early, but Stranger Things Demogorgon Dog Costume makes for awesome Halloween costume for canine friend if you decided to go out dressed as Dustin or, perhaps even as a Demogorgon.

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Images: That Crafty Friend.

Source: Mental Floss.